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What we are proud of is consistent "high quality."

Medical field

U-CORPORATION has been manufacturing various kinds of products in the medical field, where new materials and miniaturization have recently been increasing as well as pursuit of higher accuracy. In this field, we specialize in manufacturing endoscopes, cardiographs, oxygen analyzers, ultrasonic instrument, regenerative medicine devices, surgical robots and their component parts.

Aerospace field

High quality and strict quality control are essential in the aerospace field; no products can be delivered to a client without meeting these standards. U-CORPORATION achieves all required standards, and has been delivering equipment and parts to clients with high confidence, through taking on challenging tasks and pursuing higher techniques despite the increasing use of difficult to cut materials.
In this field, we specialize in machining parts for satellites and aircraft engines.

Note:Currently, we ask our clients to supply materials to ensure their traceability.

Bio-related field

U-CORPORATION develops and manufactures analyzers, measurement instruments and systems, and their parts in the bio-related field, for example, flow cytometers, allergy measuring devices and bacteria measuring devices.
Our affiliated company, Advanced U-Corporation (AUC) covers this field, through ODM (Original Design Manufacturing)or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) relationships with clients.

Cooperation with research institutes

We have been cooperating with both national and private research institutes and universities through joint studies and R&D support projects. Heatsinks for artificial satellites (JAXA), artificial hearts (AIST), and rescue robots (AIST) are examples of our technological achievements in collaboration with Japan’s leading technology professionals.

  • JAXA: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
  • AIST: Advanced Industrial Science and Technology